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Revolutionizing Content Curation

We're on a mission to transform content creation and distribution, one brand at a time.

Our Journey:

Bridging the Gap in Content Creation

Storyteller was born out of a recognized need while our founder was running a successful performance marketing agency, Tealbox Digital. Time and again, it was evident that businesses communicating effectively with their audiences consistently achieved better results. But the subjective nature of content creation proved a barrier. Thus, Storyteller emerged with a mission to bring more objectivity to content creation and distribution, offering businesses an unfair advantage in building their digital brand

The People Behind Storyteller

Our founder brings to Storyteller a deep background in performance marketing, specifically in helping brands grow through paid ads across multiple platforms. This unique expertise in understanding customer types and using data to inform business decisions forms the bedrock of the Storyteller team.

Learning enthusiast. Excited about Wellness, Digital Governance, & Web 3.0 | Progressively Better not Perfect | Dream

Varun Sogani

Founder & CEO

Culture at Storyteller

Data, Innovation, and Customers First

At Storyteller, we champion a culture that values data-driven decision making, innovation in AI technology, and customer-centric solutions. Our approach is rooted in harnessing the power of data and technology to create meaningful and personalized content experiences for brands across industries."

Milestones and Vision for the Future

Transitioning from a critical market need to a full-fledged product offering unique AI-based content curation capabilities is one of our significant achievements. As we look to the future, we aim to become the go-to platform for content curation, consistently delivering improved engagement and conversions for brands. Our long-term goals involve evolving our AI capabilities to remain at the cutting edge of the industry and expanding our user base across different markets

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